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An Archive of Past Volumes:

For forty years, the Mid-continent Regional Science Association, through the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy (until 1996 known as Regional Science Perspectives) has published high-quality scholarly papers on topics of relevance to regional studies. The Journal has furthered our understanding of the economic, geographic and political aspects of regional growth and change. In this archive, the four decades of the Journal are being provided as an open-access service of the MCRSA. For organization, we present past Volumes by the decade of their publication.

The 1970s (Volumes 1 through 9)

The 1980s (Volumes 10 through 19)

The 1990s (Volumes 20 through 29)

The 2000s (Volumes 30 through 39)

The 2010s (Volumes 40 through present)

For the reader interested in Journal content, a summary of the first 30 Volumes was done in 2001 and can be accessed here. A good retrospective on regional science from the perspective of the MCRSA was done in 1995 for the Association's 25th Anniversary by Bob Kirk ... access it here. The archives are filled with a wealth of knowledge ... seek and ye shall find!

Over the years, the journal has been edited by a wide variety of influential regional scientists. Click here for a complete list of editors since inception.

Copyright for all articles is held by the Mid-continent Regional Science Association.


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