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Volume 47, Number 2 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)

Regular Articles:

Immigrants, Self-Employment, and Growth in American Cities.  
JRAP 47(2): 100-109.
Craig Wesley Carpenter and Scott Loveridge

Globalization, Institutions, and Income Convergence.  
JRAP 47(2): 110-125.
Kaitlyn Harger, Andrew T. Young, and Joshua Hall

Geographic Accessibility to Hospitals in the United States:
Rurality and Insurance Coverage .
JRAP 47(2): 126-136.
Mariama O. Sidibe and Mark L. Burkey

An Expanded Look into the Role of Economic Diversity on Unemployment.  
JRAP 47(2): 137-153.
Jennifer Thorvaldson and James Squibb III

More Money for Schools: Education Tax Referenda's Rural-Urban Divide.  
JRAP 47(2): 154-163.
Anita Yadavalli, Brigitte S. Waldorf, and Raymond J.G.M. Florax

Potential Economic Impacts of Inter-regional Water Sales Under Two Texas Aquifer Scenarios.  
JRAP 47(2): 164-175.
Rebekka Dudensing

Impact Analysis of the Walnut Creek Intensive Groundwater Use Control Area.  
JRAP 47(2): 176-187.
Bill B. Golden and John C. Leatherman

The Importance of Regional Analysis in Evaluating Agricultural Water Conservation Strategies.  
JRAP 47(2): 188-198.
Bridget Guerrero, Steve Amosson, Shyam Nair, and Thomas Marek



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