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Volume 46, Number 1 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)

Regular Articles:

Impact of Intangible Cultural Capital on Regional Economic Development:
A Study on Culture-Based Development in Greece.
JRAP 46(1): 1-21.
Annie Tubadji and Peter Nijkamp

Effects of Human Capital on the Growth and Survival of Swedish Businesses.  
JRAP 46(1): 22-38.
Mikaela Backman, Todd Gabe, and Charlotta Mellander

What Happened to Illinois’ Economy Following the January 2011 Tax Increases?
A Midwestern Comparison.
JRAP 46(1): 39-51.
Andrew W. Crosby and David F. Merriman

Economic Freedom and Real Income.  
JRAP 46(1): 52-59.
Maggie Foley and J.R. Clark

Filling the Gaps: Explanations for Disparities in the Distribution of Dentists among
U.S. Counties.
JRAP 46(1): 60-71.
Terance J. Rephann and Tanya N. Wanchek

60 Years Later and Still Going Strong: The Continued Relevance of the
Tiebout Hypothesis.
JRAP 46(1): 72-94.
Ira S. Saltz and Don Capener

Do People Follow Jobs or Do Jobs Follow People?
The Case of Finland in an International Context.
JRAP 46(1): 95-109.
Hannu Tervo



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