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Volume 44, Number 1 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)
Dedicated to Mary Jane Minnig in appreciation for her years of assistance in editing the JRAP.

Regular Articles:

An Analysis of Resolving Too-Big-to-Fail Banks Throughout the United States.  
JRAP 44(1): 1-19.
James R. Barth and Apanard Penny Prabha

Economic Impact of the Informal Childcare Sector in Kansas.  
JRAP 44(1): 20-35.
Eun-Young Choi and Thomas G. Johnson

Does Mining Influence Rural Economic Growth?.  
JRAP 44(1): 36-48.
Steven Deller

Costs and Revenues of à la Carte (ALC) Versus Bundling in Television Markets.  
JRAP 44(1): 49-57.
Edward Nissan and Shahdad Naghshpour

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of State Economic Freedom on Individual Wages.  
JRAP 44(1): 58-70.
Jeffrey J. Yankow

2013 M. Jarvin Emerson Student Paper Competition Winner:

Local Labor Market Restructuring in the Shale Boom.  
JRAP 44(1): 71-92.
Amanda L. Weinstein


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