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Volume 43, Number 2 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)

Regular Articles:

Understanding the Poverty U-turn Across Geographic Scales in the American Midwest, 1980-2010.  
JRAP 43(2): 88-109.
David J. Peters

The Effect of Protected Federal Lands on Economic Prosperity
in the Non-metropolitan West.
JRAP 43(2): 110-122.
Ray Rasker, Patricia H. Gude, and Mark Delorey

The User Cost of Low-Income Homeownership.  
JRAP 43(2): 123-137.
Sarah F. Riley, HongYu Ru, and Qing Feng

Modeling the Louisiana Local Government Fiscal Module in a Disequilibrium Environment:
A Modified COMPAS Model Approach .
JRAP 43(2): 138-156.
Arun Adhikari and J. Matthew Fannin

Using Revealed Preference Behavioral Models to Correctly Account for Substitution Effects in Economic Impact Analysis.  
JRAP 43(2): 157-169.
Daniel B. Deisenroth, John B. Loomis, and Craig A. Bond

Empirical Evidence Regarding Regional Political Convergence in the United States.  
JRAP 43(2): 170-177.
Jac Heckelman and John Dinan

A Simple Test of σ-Convergence in U.S. Housing Prices across BEA Regions.  
JRAP 43(2): 178-185.
Edward Nissan and James E. Payne

2012 M. Jarvin Emerson Student Paper Competition Winner:

Measuring Agglomeration Using the Standardized Location Quotient with a Bootstrap Method.  
JRAP 43(2): 186-197.
Zheng Tian


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