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Volume 43, Number 1 ( Table of Contents and Frontmatter)
Special Issue on Economic Freedom and Regional Economics
Guest Editor: Joshua Hall


Economic Freedom and Regional Economics: An Introduction to a Special Issue.  
JRAP 43(1): 1-2.
Joshua C. Hall

An Economic Freedom Index for U.S. Metropolitan Areas.  
JRAP 43(1): 3-20.
Dean B. Stansel

Economic Freedom and Economic Development in the Mexican States.  
JRAP 43(1): 21-33.
Nathan J. Ashby, Avilia Bueno, and Deborah Martinez

The Impact of Economic Freedom on Per Capita Real GDP: A Study of OECD Nations.  
JRAP 43(1): 34-41.
Richard J. Cebula, J.R. Clark, and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

A Dynamic Analysis of Economic Freedom and Income Inequality in the 50 U.S. States:
Empirical Evidence of a Parabolic Relationship.
JRAP 43(1): 42-55.
Daniel L. Bennett and Richard K. Vedder

Do Changes in Economic Freedom affect Well-Being?  
JRAP 43(1): 56-64.
Ariel R. Belasen and R.W. Hafer

Does Economic Freedom Lead to Selective Migration By Education?  
JRAP 43(1): 65-87.
Sean E. Mulholland and Rey Hernández-Julián


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