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Volume 40, Number 1 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)

Regular Articles:

A Spatial Econometric Approach to Measuring Pollution Externalities: An Application to Ozone Smog. JRAP 40(1): 1-19.
C.-Y. Cynthia Lin

Evaluating U.S. Rural Entrepreneurship Policy.  JRAP 40(1): 20-33.
Stephan J. Goetz, Mark Partridge, Steven C. Deller, and David A. Fleming

An Examination of Domestic Migration from California Counties.   JRAP 40(1): 34-52.
Ronald J. Gunderson and David J. Sorenson

Costs of Defending Against Rising Sea Levels and Flooding in Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Coastal Areas: The Basic Issues .  JRAP 40(1): 53-60.
James V. Koch

The Impacts of Local Innovation and Innovative Spillovers on Employment and Population Growth in the U.S. Midwest . JRAP 40(1): 61-70.
Daniel C. Monchuk and John A. Miranowski

States’ Nonagricultural Employment at the 3-Digit North American Industry Classification
System (NAICS) Level.
JRAP 40(1): 71-83.
Edward Nissan and George Carter

The Income Distribution Effect of Natural Disasters: An Analysis of Hurricane Katrina.   JRAP 40(1): 84-95.
Timothy M. Shaughnessy, Mary L. White, and Michael D. Brendler


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