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Volume 39, Number 1 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)
Release date: October 8, 2009

Concluding Statement of the Outgoing Editors.  JRAP 39(1): i.
Dave Marcouiller and Steve Deller

Welcoming Statement of the New Editor.   JRAP 39(1): ii.
Richard Cebula

Regular Articles:

Determinants of State Labor Productivity:  The Changing Role of Density. 
JRAP 39(1): 1-10.
Christopher S. Decker, Eric C. Thompson, and Mark E. Wohar

Community Scale and Resident Attitudes Towards Tourism.  JRAP 39(1): 11-22.
John Devine, Todd Gabe, and Kathleen P. Bell

Spatial Variability of Economic Impacts:  Examining a Hypothetical Retiree In-migration Policy.  JRAP 39(1): 23-36.
Biswa R. Das, Daniel V. Rainey, and Wayne Miller

Special Section on the Regional Economics of Child Care
Guest Editor: Mildred E. Warner

Overview: The Regional Economics of Child Care.  JRAP 39(1): 37-39.
Mildred E. Warner

Regional Variation in Child Care Prices:  A Cross-State Analysis.  JRAP 39(1): 40-54.
Elizabeth E. Davis and NaiChia Li

A Spatial Analysis of the Formal Childcare Sector in Kansas.  JRAP 39(1): 55-70.
Eun-Young Choi, Thomas G. Johnson, Amy Lake, and Dennis Robinson

Understanding Geographic Differences in Child Care Multipliers:  Unpacking IMPLAN’s Modeling Methodology.  JRAP 39(1): 71-85.
Zhilin Liu and Mildred Warner

The Regional Economic Value of Market Household Production Time:  Combining an I-O Framework with Time Use Data.  JRAP 39(1): 86-98.
James E. Pratt

Table of Contents for Future Issues: Volume 39, Issue 2 (scheduled release – December 2009 - TOC to be announced.

Note: Due to production constraints and Association strategies, issue length will be kept to roughly 100 pages which may necessitate adjustments to posted Tables of Contents for future issues.

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