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Volume 38, Number 1 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)
Release date: May 28, 2008

Regular Articles:

Geography of Employment Establishment Dynamics in Information Technology and Ecommerce Industries.  JRAP 38(1): 1-18
Hanas A. Cader and John C. Leatherman

Urban location and housing prices within a hedonic model.   JRAP 38(1): 19-35.
John Ottensman, Seth Payton, and Joyce Man

Mortgage Lending Disparities in Metropolitan Buffalo: Implications for Community Reinvestment Policy.  JRAP 38(1): 36-44.
Robert Mark Silverman

Do New Lottery Games Stimulate Retail Activity? Evidence from West Virginia Counties.  JRAP 38(1): 45-55.
Mark Skidmore and Mehmet Serkan Tosun

A  Demographically Augmented Shift-Share Employment Analysis: An application to Canadian employment patterns.  JRAP 38(1): 56-66.
James A. Brox and Emanuel Carvalho

An Unobserved Components Forecasting Model of Non-Farm Employment for the Nashville MSA.  JRAP 38(1): 67-76.
Joachim Zietz and David A. Penn

Youth Out-Migration from Pennsylvania: The Roles of Government Fragmentation vs. the Beaten Path Effect.  JRAP 38(1): 77-88.
Georg Grassmueck, Stephan Goetz, and Martin Shields

Home rule and the size of county government in Pennsylvania.  JRAP 38(1): 89-96
David Lazko

Table of Contents for Future Issues:

Volume 38, Issue 2

Note: Due to production constraints and Association strategies, issue length will be kept to roughly 100 pages which may necessitate adjustments to posted Tables of Contents for future issues.

Beginning with Volume 39, Issue 1, we are pleased to introduce the inaugural issue with our new editor, Richard Cebula!

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