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Volume 37, Number 2 (2007)

Table of Contents and Frontmatter

Regular Articles:

Convergence in relative state-level per capita income in the United States revisited 37(2): 80-89.
Panos Fousekis

State Targeting of Business Investment: Does Targeting Increase Corporate Tax Revenue? 37(2): 90-102.
Peter T. Calcagno and Frank Hefner

Community Decision Support and the Role of the Public in Regional Policy Analysis 37(2): 103-115.
James K. Scott and J. Matthew Fannin

A Quasi-Experimental Test of Large Retail Store Impacts on Regional Labor Markets: The Case of Cabela’s Retail Outlets 37(2): 116-122.
Michael J. Hicks

Understanding the Local Unrecorded Economy: Informal Work and Home Production in Non-Metropolitan Wisconsin 37(2): 123-139.
John Larrivee and Ron Shaffer

Pedagogy of Regional Studies:

Determining economic contributions and impacts: What is the difference and why do we care? 37(2): 140-146.
Philip Watson, Joshua Wilson, Dawn Thilmany, and Susan Winter

MCRSA Presidential Symposium - 37th Annual Conference (2006):

Measuring the Impact of Tourism on Rural Development:  An Econometric Approach 37(2): 147-154.
Eric Thompson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Economic Impact of Hospital Closure on Rural Communities in Three Southern States:  A Quasi-Experimental Approach 37(2): 155-164.
Lucia Ona, Agus Hudoyo, and David Freshwater, University of Kentucky

Assessing Economic Base Relationships in South Dakota 37(2): 165-182.
David Sorenson, Augustana College

Table of Contents for Future Issues:

Volume 37, Issue 3


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