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Volume 36, Number 2 (2006)

Special Section on Population Migration (Guest Editor - Brian Cushing)

Introduction to the Special Section on Population Migration. 36(2): 115. Brian Cushing

Determinants of Net Interstate Migration, 2000-2004. 36(2): 116-123. Richard J. Cebula and Gigi M. Alexander

A Preliminary Investigation of Welfare Migration Induced by Time Limits. 36(2): 124-139. Hal W. Snarr and Mark L. Burkey

Incomplete Compensation and Migration Behavior: Has Anything Changed Between 1990 and 2000? 36(2): 140-152. David E. Clark, William E. Herrin, Thomas A. Knapp, Nancy E. White

Outline Of An Economic Theory Of Assimilation. 36(2): 153-160. Peter V. Schaeffer

Chutes and Ladders: Migration and Male Racial Occupational Segregation. 36(2): 161-170. Nancy E. White and Amy M. Wolaver

Regular Peer-reviewed Articles

Fear and Loathing in a Paper-mill Town: Local Perceptions of Globalization. 36(2): 171-181. Carol D. Miller

A Spatial Analytic Approach to Examining Property Tax Equity After Assessment Reform in Indiana. 36(2): 182-193. Seth Payton (First Place in the M. Jarvin Emerson Paper Competition - 36th Annual MCRSA Conference)

Volume 37, Number 1

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