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Volume 36, No. 1, 2006

Regular Articles:

Financial Evolution in Core and Peripheral Areas: Tracking Ohio’s Metropolitan Experience.  36(1): 1-14.
Paul J. Kozlowski

Why Don’t Enterprise Zones Work?  Estimates of the Extent that EZ Benefits are Capitalized into Property Values.  36(1): 15-30.
Jim Landers

Capital Deepening and Manufacturing's Contribution to Regional Economic Convergence.  36(1): 31-44.
William L. Weber  and Bruce R. Domazlicky

Exploring Firm Location Beyond Simple Growth Models: A Double Hurdle Application.  36(1): 45-67.
Alison Davis Reum and Thomas R. Harris

Did Proximity to Ports Have Any Bearing on Urban Growth Between 1970 and 2000.  36(1): 68-75.
Stanley Keil

MCRSA Presidential Symposium - 36th Annual Conference:

Deriving Multi-Regional Models Using the IMPLAN National Trade Flows Model.  36(1): 76-83.
Scott Lindall, Doug Olson, Greg Alward

An Evaluation of Method for Constructing Commodity by Industry Flow Matrices.  36(1): 84-93.
Walter R. Schwarm, Randall W. Jackson, Yasuhide Okuyama

The Effects of Interregional Trade Flow Estimating Procedures on Multiregional Social Accounting Matrix Multipliers.  36(1): 94-114.
Dennis P. Robinson and Zuoming Liu

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