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Volume 27, Number 2 (1997)

Exporters or Competitors: Behavior of Foreign-Based Multinational Firms in the United States.  27(2): 3-12.
Mark Jelavich

A Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Conservation Reserve Program in Ohio: Are Trees Part of a Sustainable Future in the Midwest?  27(2): 13-30.

A Simultaneous Multinomial Logit Model of Indirect Internal Migration and Earnings.  27(2): 31-42.
Alok K. Bohara and Randall G. Krieg

School District Consolidation, Student Performance, and Housing Values.  27(2): 43-54.
David M. Brasington

A Comparison of Supply-Determined SAM and CGE Models.  27(2): 55-78.
Chang K. Seung, Thomas R. Harris, and Thomas R. MacDiarmid

1997 Presidential Symposium:

Analytical Tools of Regional Science.  27(2): 79-82.
Paul Kochanowski

Regression Analysis of Spatial Data.  27(2): 83-94.
James P. LeSage

Accounting for Local Economic Change in Regional I-O Modeling.  27(2): 95-109.

Wilbur Maki

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