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Volume 27, Number 1 (1997)

The Effect of Bifurcation Error in Small Area Intercommunity Input-Output Models: An Example from North Central Idaho.  27(1): 3-18.
M. Henry Robison and Michael L. Lahr

Support for Local Economic Development Strategies: A Microeconomic Analysis. 27(1): 19-34.
Steve Deller, Norman Walzer, and Martin Shields

Shift-Share Analysis for Regional Health Care Policy.  27(1): 35-46.
R. Bradley Hoppes

Rating and Ranking Metro Areas in the United States and Canada for the Arts and Recreation.  27(1): 47-54.
Edward Nissan

An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Geographic Differentials in the Savings and Loan Failure Rate, 1989-1991, Using the Heteroskedastic-Tobit Model.  27(1): 55-62.
Richard J. Cebula

National and Regional Analysis of Convergence in Real Wages in the U.S. Agricultural Sector.  27(1): 63-74.
Edmund M. Tavernier and Tugrul T. Temel

An Efficiency Analysis of Minnesota Counties: A Data Envelopment Analysis Using 1993 IMPLAN Input-Output Analysis.  27(1): 75-93.
Raymond Raab and Richard Lichty


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