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Vol. 6, No. 1, 1976

Efficiency Aspects of the Spatial Allocation of Public Sector Agricultural Research and Extension in the United States
Philip L. Cline and Yao-Chi Lu

Prejudice versus Preference: What do we Really Know about Housing Market Discrimination?
George C. Galster

A Dynamic Simulation Model of the Articulation between a Regional Occupational Training System and an Occupational Work Force
Paul Gunderson, William Ammentorp, and Jon Morris

Fiscal Impact of a New Industry in a Rural Area: A Coal Gasification Plant in Western North Dakota
Arlen G. Leholm, F. Larry Leistritz, and Thor A. Hartisgaard

The Behavior of the Employment Multilier Over Time: An Analysis for Los Angeles County
Norman Nicholson

Recent Trends in Regional Income Inequalities in the United States
Dan E. Perin and R. Keith Semple

Strategies for Pollution Abatement: The Reserve Mining Case
Jerrold M. Peterson

On Improving Export Base Studies
R.L. Pfister

Impacts of Differing Farm Sizes on Farm and Nonfarm Sectors of the North Central Region
Steven T. Sonka and Earl O. Heady

Population Density, “Potential”, and Possible Proxies

Donald N. Steinnes and Richard E. Snow

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